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App Invest AS is happy to present PhoneHome, the company’s new cell phone software application, with technology the world never has seen before!

We hear about people who forget their phone in taxis, schools, night clubs, bars, pubs, trains, airplanes and buses. These locations are normally associated with travel and leisure activities. And what should you do with a cellphone if you are a finder of it?

The App aims to connect the finder of an Android cell phone to its rightful owner. It provides the finder with correct owner information, and makes it easy to get in touch with the owner and return the phone.

androiddownload for android

    • PhoneHome combines a user-friendly screen interface with pioneering technology and stylish design.
    • The PhoneHome App is perfect for parents who are tired of their children losing another expensive phone, but its also suitable for travellers and absent-minded and stressed people, afraid of losing their device.
    • After installing the App, PhoneHome’s information feed will function just like your phone’s screen lock. The App locks your phone or screen, denying access to the original lock code. The person who finds your phone is permitted to see your contact information but is not allowed access to any other info stored in your phone.
    • PhoneHome will work even if your battery runs out of power. The info screen will appear as soon as the finder plugs the phone into a charger, before any pin code or lock code can be punched in.
    • You can also programme the info screen to display a finder’s fee if you are willing to reward The Good Samaritan who found your phone.
    • Someone once said, “Phone Home!” Please do the same now!!


PhoneHome App Screenshots

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Technical innovation

PhoneHome is based on the latest technology, allowing you to display contact information before a pin or lock code needs to be punched in to open or unlock your phone.

Stylish design

PhoneHome is stylish. It uses an attractive font and pleasing graphics and has many different colours to choose from. You choose the colour scheme that appeal to you most.

Finder’s fee

Studies show that people who find cell phones are more inclined to return a cell phone if a finder’s fee is offered. You can choose the amount you want to offer!!


A survey concludes that most people would return a cell phone to its rightful owner if they found one. 9 out of 10 people would make an extra effort if a finder’s fee was involved.

About Us

Arman Vestad, 40 years, from Molde living in Trondheim, Norway. He is the founder and the CEO of App Invest which has created the PhoneHome app. He is an idealist and a creative person with a strong drive to innovate. His aim is to make apps which make people more knowledgeable and their lives easier to live.

Samson Afewerki is 29 years, born and raised in Eritrea, but moved to Trondheim where he now studying business-related studies. He has a bachelor from the University of Asmara in Economy and Finance. He is an important contributor to the PhoneHome app and is also a shareholder in App Invest AS


PhoneHome is a software application that allows the finder of an Android cell phone to return the phone to its rightful owner using easily accessible and understandable information about the owner.
If you lose your cell phone you can increase the chances of getting it back because the finder can see who the owner is, without any effort. You can display a backup telephone number and/or mailing address so the finder can easily get in touch with you. We will donate one Norwegian kroner of the price of the App to an organization that helps the needy. This year we have an agreement to donate to Redd Barna.
PhoneHome is easy to associate with its intentions: bringing a phone home to its owner. The finder can also phone the owner at home. Someone once said, “Phone Home!” Please do the same.
Our logo is designed like an illuminating finger – to enlighten the finder who may be entitled to a reward and to satisfy the rightful owner by returning the phone to him. It also symbolises a pointing index finger used to punch in the home number.
PhoneHome is primarily intended as an aid for the finder. The App makes it easier for the finder to find you. Most people really want to make an effort to help. Very few people consider keeping the phone they found. That is why displaying your contact information is more than enough help.
You can simply punch in the backup number manually in the box labelled “Name”. You can also press the face-icon to the right of this box to access your contact list and choose the number you want. Remember to save your choices.
You do not have to include a picture of yourself but a picture of your face can help the finder make sure the person he or she delivers the phone to is the actual owner, based on the picture on the screen. You simply press the button to the right of the box where you wrote your name. You will then be asked to locate a picture from your phone’s photo gallery or take a picture with your phone’s camera to store in the App. Remember to save your choices.
Phonehome has many customers. Some of our customers prefer blue, some green, while others prefer pink or purple. The App appears whenever you turn on your phone, so it is nice to have your favourite colour displayed on the screen. You can change the colour any time and as often as you want!!
You will see a box at the bottom of the Main Page where you can enter the amount manually, based on how much you value the phone itself (and the information stored inside it). Remember to label the amount with the sign or symbol of your local currency. For example: 1000 NOK, 200 euro, 300 dollars etc. Remember to save your choice.
The most important technical innovation in PhoneHome is that the finder will see the App even if the phone dies. The only thing you need to do is plug it into a charger. The start screen will then display the information you entered before the pin code and/or screen-lock code is punched in. This is of particular interest to the police, insurance companies and other large lost-and-found offices.
The developer wanted to create an ad-free App. PhoneHome appears on the phone’s lock-screen. An advertisement would appear every time you turn on your phone if the product was ad-based. We are pretty certain you do not want that. Instead, the minor cost of downloading the App allows our company to continue developing great products and allows us to donate money to needy groups; see Item 2 above.
Yes you can. You can press the round grey button on the top of the Main Page. That turns the App off; press it once more and you turn it on again, at any time. Easy.
There may be a problem with the configuration of the PhoneHome app in some of the Samsung S2 models. It may help to change the pin and lock code system from pattern to numbers, but that won`t always solve the problem.Otherwise you must remove your lock code system. This is not an optimal solution and The PhoneHome team will do our best to fix this for the next PhoneHome edition.


Did not find the answer to your question? Phone Home team is ready to answer your question!